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Review: Wendy’s Bacon Mozzarella Burger

I was cruising by Wendy’s the other day and noticed their new Bacon Mozzarella Burger. I knew I had to try it!

This burger comes with beef that’s fresh, never-frozen, and oven baked bacon. Topped with natural mozzarella, spring greens, and a garlic parmesan spread.

Here is a look from the inside:

After a few bites I was quickly reminded of another Wendy’s burger that was released  last year, their Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger. Both tasted really similar and I found both too salty, not sure if it is the extra bacon or the cheese or the parm sauce but the combination of the 3 made it too salty to me.

I did enjoy the burger itself but won’t be getting it again. I give this a 6.5/10.

If you want to learn more about Wendy’s Bacon Mozzarella Burger check out their site.

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