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The Snobby Butcher – Breakfast – Nottingham (Sherwood)

Sherwood’s rise has somewhat plateaued, its still a high-street boasting gems like The Bakehouse, Rakki Rakkas and Rikshaw but no recent openings of note. Indeed I have been a bit underwhelmed by last year’s new drinks venues of Jenkins and Hugo’s, preferring to patronise Bridgette Bordeaux when I do get a chance. The Snobby Butcher has technically been around much longer but is a mix of old and new, the owner Johnny Pusztai’s family having set up the shop decades ago. For most of those years it was know as JT Beedham’s. Today’s name and look is much newer alongside a recent addition of being able to eat in. Evening dining options I believe are currently limited due to some chef issues but I finally got the opportunity to give breakfast there a go. It’s a simple eating space still in sight of the butchers counter with a small menu, meat dominated, from which to choose. Despite the traditional “full English” or various bacon roll options I was tempted by a breakfast stack (£8) that promises bacon, egg, sausage and black pudding served on bread or a crumpet.

Alongside my impending meat-fest I’d gone for a flat white that was serviceable, just not a patch on what you could get further up the hill. The food certainly stood out more. Each layer of this stack was substantial, the bacon came in burger form though how it was constituted I wasn’t too sure. Couldn’t fault it though apart from perhaps missing the firmer texture of a rasher. Sausage was nicely spiced in its amber hue, whilst not overpowering anything else. Black pudding too was excellent quality, a serious hockey puck of it was much more delicate in flavour than you might imagine and a softer texture a nice contrast to the other meats. If anything the crumpet wasn’t quite enough for my perfect meat/carb ratio but I’m sure others will beg to differ. What no-one could argue with is that this was a flavourful and filling breakfast.

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