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Holiday Showcase 2021

Adventures in Dance loves to gather with students to share their latest routines for the holidays. Sunday December 12th dancers were happy to gather to share their latest dances. After dancing everyone had fun dining and sharing their performance experience.

Top Newcomer Rumba:

Newcomers Bill and Kim danced their rumba. It was a routine they were working on for a church performance. The original date was delayed so they seized the opportunity to share their routine at Adventures in Dance. They pulled it off without a hitch.

Second Chance Bolero:

Seasoned dancers Kevin and Valerie took this opportunity to share their Bolero. They had been working on it before the shut down and took this opportunity to dust off their moves. They did a delightful job of showing off all their beautiful bolero moves. 

Veteran Foxtrot:

Long time dancer and everyone’s favorite WWII veteran Melvin tripped the light fantastic with his frisky foxtrot. Melvin uses showcases to keep from forgetting all the dances he has spent a lifetime learning. He combined his silver American smooth foxtrot with his international foxtrot for a delightful Christmas routine.


Stunning Swing:

Last were veteran dancers Larry and Sheryl, having some fun with a little swing. Larry wanted some new moves to help his swing feel fresh, and Sheryl had a new dress to kick up her heals in. Always entertaining, they skipped merrily through their routine.

Romantic Rhythm Routines:

Between sets advanced dancers entertained. Jessica shared her new American bolero and rumba routines. Despite alternating injuries for both Craig and Jessica, they both did an amazing job with their dances. It was a great opportunity to get ready for competitions in the future.


Dickens Victorian Inspired Routines:

Holly and Craig took this opportunity to share some historic dances. After having run the Fezziwig dance hall for the Dickens Experience in Denver this year, they shared their show from this event. During breaks they taught fun Victorian English country dances like the Sir Roger De Coverley, and a French Country Dance. For their show they shared a historic, landler, and Bohemian Polka. These were then contrasted with the modern Waltz, and Viennese Waltz.


Dinner and Dancing

Once the dancing was done, dinner was served. Everyone had fun dancing and dining as they shared what they had worked on this year. We loved sharing this experience with everyone and look forward to many more.

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