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Training While Injured: How to Safely Continue Weight Training With an Injury

I had the lovely opportunity to be invited onto the Fitness Pain Free Show hosted by my man Dan Pope recently. Dan and I have known each other for several years (the facility he works out of, Champion Physical Therapy & Performance, is located about 20 minutes away from my training studio in Boston) and he and I have conversed over shared clients/athletes during that time.

I’ve long championed that personal trainers and coaches need to be proactive and go out of their way to develop and curate relationships and networks with local physical therapists.

it not only enhances the results for the (injured) client, but it never hurts to have two sets of biceps eyes on the same problem.

Training While Injured: A Thoughtful Convo With One of My Man Crushes

In this episode Dan and I break down how we connected and how we’ve continued to hone our professional relationship in order to get our clients the best outcomes possible.

We also discuss the idea behind the TRAINABLE MENU and how it came to fruition during my own achilles rupture rehab. What’s more, Dan and I also discuss why it’s important for fitness professionals to respect scope of practice and why it’s important to NOT treat injured clients like a patient.

I think you’ll really dig this episode.

You can listen to it on Spotify (HERE) or iTunes (HERE).

Or you can watch the episode below…

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