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8 Health And Fitness Tips for Teenage Girls

The teenage stage is the busiest and most preoccupied stage of the girl child. In this stage, she is busy with school lessons, homework, social activities, jobs, discovering herself, and understanding her body changes. So it can be quite tasking and frustrating at times, as such most teenage girls suffer health-wise because they are not staying fit.

Teenage girls go through many social and academic pressures in our present society. The teenage stage is when the girl has the least freedom and time of her own. She is either in school or at home. She tends to develop unhealthy habits that go on to affect her health. These unhealthy habits include snacking, sitting and facing the screen for long hours, and accumulating stress.

The American Psychological Association (APA) stated that teens have higher anxiety, depression, and worsened mental health rates than other age groups. This simply indicates that the pressure is worst at this stage. However, staying fit is one way to stay physically and mentally healthy as a teenage girl.

8 Health And Fitness Tips For Teenage Girls

Health And Fitness Tips for Teenage Girls

Health and fitness are important for anyone, young or old, male or female. And being a teenage girl, it is imperative that you take health and fitness seriously.

So if you’re a teen and you are wondering how to begin your health and fitness journey, this article is for you. In this blog post, you will find out some fitness tips for teenage girls.

1. Eat healthily

One of the significant unhealthy habits found among teenage girls is snacking. They prefer visiting fast food joints and feeding on burgers, pizzas, ice cream, and pastries instead of eating well-cooked food.

At this stage, your body needs plenty of nutrients to cope with the growth spurt and puberty.

Snacks lack these helpful nutrients, depriving your body of the necessary nutrients.

This can affect your body functioning, weaken your body system and make you unfit. So to stay fit, you have to start by eating healthy.

2. Reduce your screen time

One of the addictions faced by teenage girls is the addiction to electronic gadgets such as their smartphones, tablets, and computer.

They are constantly on social media handles such as TikToks, Instagram, and Snapchat, uploading and commenting on their favorite celebrity pages.

Spending too much time on the screen stresses your eye and makes you sit for long hours, which isn’t good for your physical health.

Also, it can contribute to mental stress because you can be tempted to compare yourself with what you see on the internet.

As a teenage girl, spend more of your free time on more purposeful activities such as volunteering and less time on the screen.

3. Weight control

Teenage girls can gain 15 pounds or more during puberty. Also, due to the growth spurt in this stage, they might be massive weight gain.

So it is important you invest in regular exercise and dieting to control your weight. Weight gain isn’t good for fitness.

4. Regular exercising

As a teenage girl, slat out some time from your busy schedule and engage in exercise. You can start with jogging in the morning.

Wake up earlier and jog before preparing for school. If this isn’t possible, you can use your weekends to engage in sports and fitness activities. Join a fitness or sporty team that will require you to do some form of aerobic and fitness activities.

5. Healthy snacking

If you must snack, it should be healthy. Go for healthy snacks, such as homemade versions of fast food snacks such as burgers and pizza. You can make healthy versions of these snacks at home.

6. Engage in portion control

Portion control is one of the ways to control how you eat. As a teenage girl, you have a higher chance of developing a bigger appetite, so you tend to eat more than when you were a child.

Uncontrolled eating can lead to weight gain and laziness. So limit the portion of food you eat. However, this is not to say that you should starve yourself. Meal planning can help you with portion control.

7. Maintain a great social life

Having a great social life is crucial to your mental and emotional health. All humans need human interaction and relationships to be healthy. It is all part of your social health.

So don’t be that indoor girl. Get engaged in something worthwhile, like an extracurricular or social activity in the neighborhood. Always ensure you don’t stay long hours sitting down.

8. Talk to your doctor often.

Another important health and fitness tip for teenage girls is to discuss it with their physician regularly.

A qualified doctor will ask the right questions, listen, and offer ideas that can help you with your health and fitness journey.

They will also prescribe treatments for you, help you learn to take good care of your health, get help with problems, and be as healthy as you can be.


The best way to ensure your stay fit as a teenage girl is to plan it. Get your calendar and journal and create a fitness plan including all the tips discussed above. Staying fit during this stage of your life helps protect you from life-threatening health disorders such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and so many more.

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