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How to build lean muscle and burn fat

If your goal is to build lean muscle and burn fat, keep reading… I will share how to build lean muscle and burn fat in a simple and effective way! 


What I’ve learned personally and working with hundreds of women over the years is that if you want to change your physique for the better, it comes down to three things…


  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Strength training
  3. Hormonal balance


And if you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve heard me preach about the importance of each of these when it comes to changing your physique and a boosting your metabolism.


And, of course, I know there’s nothing better than feeling strong, sexy, and confident in your own skin!



Did I get your attention? Good.


You’re in luck, especially if you want to make some changes NOW and start working toward your goals. I have two resources to get you going…


1. Here’s a food list of what to eat

  • Print it out and hang it on your refrigerator as a reminder of your health goals and as a guide for your weekly grocery shopping.
  • Then, start with the bullet points at the top. Try them out for 2 weeks and tag me so I can see how things went for you.

2. Here’s a full-body kettlebell workout

  • All you need is a kettlebell or dumbbell to complete it.
  • You also might want to consider a complete strength training program like StrongMadeSimple.


I know these suggestions probably seem simple (and maybe boring), but the basics work.


Bottom line, you need to eat enough and lift weights if you want your body to change.


Sure, you can starve yourself all day, do tons of cardio, lose precious muscle, and kill your hormones and metabolism.


But who wants that?


Instead, when you strength train, feed your muscles, and balance your hormones, you WILL change your body for the better!


One last thing…


Please believe me when I say, “You can feel your best and change your body if you have the right approach.


You’re not meant to feel like crap… fatigued, moody, bloated, and puffy… and it makes me sad (truly heartbroken) when women come to us and have practically given up on feeling better.


You are meant to feel great… happy, balanced, lean, and strong every. single. day!!!


Please don’t accept anything else.


And, personally, it wasn’t until I dealt with my hormonal imbalance, started regularly lifting weights, and eating more nutrient-dense foods did things really start to shift for me.


If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, something needs to change and this is where we can help.


Our 1:1 testing and coaching program combines at-home hormone and mineral testing to truly personalize your approach so you can achieve your health and physique goals in a realistic and sustainable way.


Our targeted approach helps you stop spinning your wheels so you can *actually* see changes in your physique.


Maybe you’re still sitting on the fence about joining us?


What’s holding you back?


Seriously, what is holding you back? Just hit reply if you have questions!


There is so much support built into this program AND our program is 100% results-driven (as long as YOU are willing to do the work, too)!


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