The State of Coaching 2023

Eric Malzone is one of my favorite people. I first”met” Eric several years ago when he invited me to take part in an invite only mentorship he was offering alongside several other fitness professionals he invited to take part.

It was a lovely experience and I met a handful of lifetime friends from that group.

Eric is a genuine soul and he’s given more to the industry than he’s taken. I love my chats with him, and my recent one with him – on his Future of Fitness Podcast – was no different.

The State of Coaching 2023

I can’t recall verbatim what we discussed in it’s entirety – I mean, we recorded this episode back in March – but what I CAN tell you is that we had an authentic conversation on what it means to be a coach and what it means to actually be coaching.

And, in all likelihood, there was a reference or two (or three) to deadlifts and Lord of the Rings.

You can listen to the episode wherever it is you tend to listen to such things:

Apple – HERE

Spotify – HERE

An Alternate Universe Where Everyone Who Claims to Have Squatted 405 (for reps) In High-School Must Provide Video Evidence – HERE

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