Here’s How Peloton Trainer Ally Love Uses Color to Match Her Intensity–Plus Her Favorite Pieces From the Brand’s New Collection

When you tune in to one of Ally Love’s Peloton classes, there’s a secret clue you can look for that will tell you just what kind of ride you’re in for that day: the color of Love’s Peloton outfits.

“I allow my look to influence and speak to the vibe, the feeling, the dynamic, the intensity of the class I’m leading,” Love says. “If I’m coming out in pink, you know we’re having a good time. If I’m coming out in reds or something dark, then we’re likely going right into climbing hills.”

Can it really be that one-to-one? Love feels strongly that the way she dresses both impacts and mirrors her mood. So much so that in high school, if she got dressed in a hurry and ended up in a “blah” outfit, she’d sometimes end up feeling down—so her friends would switch some clothing around with her to brighten her day. “From a young age, what I [wore] impacted my mood and my perception of my experience,” Love says.

That impulse carries over today. “I do try to align my outfit with the way I want people to feel within the class experience,” Love says. “I’m pretty strategic about what I pick out to wear especially for my Peloton classes. I try to pick colors that literally correspond with the perceived exertion. Everything about me is aligned with the amount of intensity (or this lack of intensity), so it’s important to me.”

For someone whose mood is so affected by and reflected in her clothing, Love puts a lot of care into choosing the garments she puts on her body, including her Peloton outfits. Which is why, when it comes to her outfit recommendations, you know she’s not choosing lightly. From the bike to the street to the office, here are some of Love’s favorite (colorful) pieces from Peloton’s Spring collection. Keep an eye out from them the next time you join one of her rides—it might be clue for how fast and furious you’ll be peddling.

Peloton outfits fit for the queen of color

A woman smiling at camera wearing a mint green tank top with suit pants and an open suit vest.
Performance Rib Racerback Tank — $48.00

Available sizes: XS-XL

Love says you can pair this cool, minty green tank top with more than leggings, like trousers and a blazer,  jeans, skirts, and more, making it a multi-purpose garment worth a spot in your wardrobe. When you do wear it to ride, however, the performance fabric will go the distance to keep you comfortable. The soft, stretchy fabric moves with you, so you won’t have to worry about chafing, digging in, or holding you back.

A woman in matching purple leggings and a sports bra, crouching down, and wearing an oversized denim sheet slung off of her shoulders.
One Shoulder Seamless Crop Bra — $46.00

Love likes to wear matching workout outfits that she elevates with a sweatshirt or an oversized button down. Take this one-shoulder sports bra, for example. The seamless, longline cut looks stylish and trendy underneath jackets, sweaters, and other layers. While it’s probably not supportive enough for high-intensity sweat sessions, it’s perfect for low-impact workouts like yoga, stretching, and walking.

The lower body of a model showing off a pair of purple ankle length leggings with white sneakers.
High Rise Seamless ⅞ Legging — $76.00

If you want to get matchy matchy with your workout wardrobe, pair the above sports bra with these matching purple leggings. The solid stripe down the leg shows the world you mean business, while the buttery smooth, flexible fabric keeps you comfy, whether you’re stretched out in yoga class or on your couch.

A model wearing a navy hoodie with white drawstrings at the neck.
Rib Insert Pullover Hoodie — $98.00

Go navy blue for when you want some business-meets-cozy, work-from-home vibes. This classic hoodie is made from French cotton terry that’s perfect for all seasons and looks as chic as it is snuggly. Expect everything you want out of a timeless hoodie, including a kangaroo pouch and drawstring hood. Only this one has a back-rib insert detailing in a v-shape that give it some edge from all the other sweatshirts in your closet.

A woman leaning against a row of lockers wearing navy sweatpants, white sneakers, a blue button down shirt, and a blue sweatshirt slung around her shoulders.
Classic Sweatpant — $76.00

Love pairs the above hoodie with a preppy button-down and the matching sweatpants for a polished, scholastic look. But the good news is, you don’t have to dress them up; they go just as well with workout tops, sports bras, camisoles, and more. Just like Love suggests, wear whatever feels good to you and matches your mood.


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