Are Greens Powders Worth It?

Are greens powders actually worth it? The truth is, that depends. What does it depend on? Dosing. When I say dosing, I’m referring to the actually amounts per ingredient, not the micronutrients or vitamins derived from those ingredients. We’re going to dig into, whether or not greens powder supplements are worth the squeeze.

What Are Greens Powders

Greens powders are dietary supplements, created from real foods, typically derived from fruit and vegetables, as well as superfoods, and highly nutritious green-blue algae, like spirulina.

Are Greens Powders Worth It?

Here are the facts.

Most greens powders are under dosed. What does that mean? It means, that greens powders do not contain enough, or high enough amounts of the ingredients included, to have any health, or performance benefit.

So how do you know, what is enough? The easiest way is to compare nutrition labels when you’re getting ready to purchase a greens supplement. Look at serving size, as well as the ingredients included, and how much of each ingredient it has. If the greens powder uses proprietary blends, unfortunately, you will not know the amount of each ingredient, and you can only rely on the total amount.

For example, Swolverine’s Greens+Reds contains 15.2G of greens per serving. That is quite the hefty amount. What that means, is that it packs more greens per serving, than most greens supplements created.

Let’s compare that to the most popular greens supplement out there, Athletic Greens, or AG1. AG1 contains 12g per serving. That means, it has less of the proven greens ingredients you need to derive vitamins and minerals from whole foods.

Ok, then WHY does AG1 have over 100% the daily recommended value of most vitamins and nutrients, and Swolverine’s Greens does not?

AG1 adds synthetic vitamins and minerals. The fact of the matter, is that dehydrated greens ingredients, do not yield nearly the number of vitamins and minerals you would think. The dehydration and drying process strips a ton of micronutrients from these ingredients when they are manufactured. Therefore, to get 100% of your daily value of recommended vitamins and minerals, you must add those ingredients into a greens powder.

If you look at the label closely, AG1 only has just over 10g of greens, per serving. The rest is comprised of added synthetic vitamins, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. This is the reason for the insane price tag, because really, AG1 is a multivitamin and greens powder combined. 

Is AG1 a bad product? No absolutely not. However, the point here, is that dosing, is important when you are looking for a greens powder, that yields vitamins and minerals from whole foods, not synthetic vitamins.

Another example of a greens powder, is Transparent labs. The dosing is spot on at 15.5g per serving, yielding high amounts of spirulina, and chlorella. However, it doesn’t do well on the vitamins and nutrients side. That’s because it only has 6 total ingredients, half of which are fiber and prebiotics.

Thus, you won’t derive the vitamins and minerals you need from a greens powder like this, even though the ingredients are clinically dosed. You need a more diverse set of ingredients, to get more vitamins and nutrients.

So Are Greens Powders Worth It?

Here’s what you need to look for when you’re getting ready to make a buy a greens powder.

Make sure it is proprietary blend free. If it’s not, you’ll never know the true dosages, making your choice, completely based on, well nothing.
Does it have enough ingredients to yield a good number of vitamins and minerals. Make sure your greens powder has a good mix of ingredients. Most greens powders do a good job of this, however this leads us into the third point.
Even though most greens powders add a great variety of ingredients, they are all under dosed meaning you get little to no vitamins or minerals from the natural ingredients, therefore making it a waste of money. Best just stick to the raw broccoli and kale.

Are Greens Worth It: Takeaway 

If your greens powder is dosed correctly and has a great mix of ingredients, then it can be an extremely beneficial supplement to your overall health and wellness. A well formulated greens powder, can help improve energy levels, increase workout performance, and provide tons of beneficial antioxidants, to fight inflammation and keep you healthy. Just make sure, you do your research before clicking buy now.

Looking for an amazing proprietary blend free greens powder to help power your active lifestyle? 

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