Change is in the air! It’s the season of colorful leaves, a crisp fall breeze, and pumpkin lovin’ things all around! It’s one of the best times to embrace change, transformation, and gratitude. As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s easy to be lured into only thinking of the big feast for our taste buds. This year let’s remember to focus on nourishing our bodies and souls with gratitude.

Being blessed with good health and wellness is something most of us take for granted. Let’s celebrate our good health and give gratitude by adding movement while burning calories. So as we approach this Thanksgiving Holiday, go ahead and tighten those laces, get on your Total Gym, and let’s carve those core muscles while being gracious!

Before we dive into the workout, here are some ways to express gratitude this season (and beyond)!

• Consider reaching out to friends and family with a heartfelt note, reminiscing about shared memories.

• Send a simple text expressing appreciation for their presence in your life.

• Make time and set a date to do something with someone special – ie: check out a healthy lunch spot, plan a walk-talk session, or workout together on your Total Gym!

• Don’t forget to take time for yourself – reflect on personal achievements and growth.

Remember, gratitude is a powerful fuel that propels us forward.


Now that our hearts are warmed with gratitude, let’s channel that energy into a strength-based workout that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle the festivities. This Total Gym workout focuses on core movements that will have you feeling strong, centered, and ready for the Thanksgiving feast!

Goal: To feel the fall vibes of the season and to get the body moving by blasting calories prior to a big feast!

Focus: Prepare the body to be a fat burning machine with strength movements that are geared towards “Carving out your Core” on your Total Gym.


• Warm-up: Dynamically warm-up on your own for 3-5 minutes.

• Carved Core Routine: Perform the exercises in circuit format, one after the other with minimal rest

• 20 reps per exercise

• Repeat each circuit 2 rounds

• Carved Core Finisher:

• Alternate a straight arm plank and forearm plank for 30 seconds in each position for 3 minutes

• Take rest if needed, but your goal is to make it to 3 minutes… burn baby burn!

• Cool-down: Conclude with your own stretch routine to prevent soreness and to help recover your muscles.

CARVED CORE: Circuit 1

1. Incline Crawl

2. Oblique Pikes

3. Superman Plank

CARVED CORE: Circuit 2

4. Diagonal Mountain Climbers

5. Knee Tucks

6. Russian Twists


• Alternate straight arm plank and forearm plank

• Hold each position for 30 seconds for a total of 3 minutes

• Example: 30 sec full plank, 30 sec forearm plank, repeat 3 rounds

Be sure to check out the video to see how to perform the exercises for the Carved Core Workout on your Total Gym.


Remember that the strength you feel isn’t just physical—it’s a reflection of the gratitude within. Thanksgiving is not just a day; it’s a mindset. Carry this attitude of gratitude with you, let it fuel your workouts, and infuse your celebrations with positivity. Your body is a powerhouse, capable of amazing transformations. Embrace the change, embrace the strength, and let the spirit of gratitude be your vibrant guide.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may your fitness journey be as bountiful as your feast!

In Gratitude,


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P.S. Stay tuned to a Post-Burn Workout that will help your body bounce back from your Thanksgiving feast.

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