Thanksgiving Recovery: Total Gym Post-Burn Workout

The post-Thanksgiving feast feeling is a universal experience.

The turkey was perfectly roasted, the stuffing was heavenly, and the pies were a slice of heaven. You couldn’t resist that extra helping of mashed potatoes or that third slice of pumpkin pie. As you sit there, content and slightly immobilized by the bountiful meal, you can’t help but feel a tad guilty about the indulgence.

If you can relate to this feeling, you know the post-feast bloat is real, and you’re not alone! You may feel uncomfortable at the moment, but the good news is that there are many ways to bounce back from the Thanksgiving food coma and reclaim your vitality, all with the help of a positive mindset and your trusty Total Gym.

Why the Post-Feast Bloat Feeling is Real:

It’s essential to understand why you’re feeling that bloated, sluggish sensation after Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a quick rundown:

• Overeating: The most obvious culprit is the sheer volume of food consumed during a Thanksgiving feast. A little indulgence is okay, but when seconds turn into thirds, the bloating begins. Your body cannot break down and burn off the food fast enough.

• High Sodium Content: Many Thanksgiving dishes, from canned cranberry sauce to canned gravy, are loaded with way too much sodium. This can lead to water retention and bloating. (There are amazing recipes for home-made dishes that allow you to control the ingratiates and how it’s prepared.)

• Rich and Fatty Foods: Traditional Thanksgiving dishes like mashed potatoes with butter, gravy, and heavy creamed pies are high in fat. Excessive fat can slow down digestion, leaving you feeling stuffed for longer.

• Carbonated Beverages: If you’ve had a few too many sodas or sparkling drinks, you might experience extra gas, contributing to that uncomfortable bloat.

• Food Combinations: Certain food combinations can lead to indigestion, like turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Sure it’s tasty, but this combination can make you feel uncomfortably full.

How to Combat the Post-Feast Bloat:

Now, let’s get to the good stuff-ing! Here are five practical ways to combat that post-feast bloat and get back on the path to feeling fabulous:

1. Drink Up: Drink plenty of water to help flush out excess sodium and reduce water retention.

2. Take a Walk: A light walk after your meal can aid in digestion and ease discomfort by getting your system moving.

3. Opt for Herbal Tea: Peppermint, licorice, and ginger tea can soothe your stomach and reduce bloating.

4. Choose Fiber-Rich Foods: Incorporate vegetables and whole grains into your post-Thanksgiving meals to help with digestion and cleanse your system.

5. Movement Heals: And, of course, you can turn to your Total Gym for a targeted workout to sweat it out and help you feel your best.


A Post-Burn workout is just what your body needs after indulging in Thanksgiving delights. So, get ready to burn-baby-burn that bloat-like feeling away with this Total Gym Post-Burn Circuit! The routine combines cardio and strength exercises to help burn extra feast calories.

Goal: To feel less swollen, less bloated, and help regain your vitality!
Focus: Getting your circulation flowing, aiding in digestion, and blasting extras calories!


• Dynamically warm-up on your own for 3-5 minutes.

• Perform the following Post-Burn exercises in circuit format, one after the other with minimal rest

• 20 reps per exercise

• Repeat each circuit 2 sets

• Bonus Round: Perform both circuits together for a 3rd set in the same manor

• Conclude with your own stretch routine to prevent soreness and to help recover your muscles for your next workout session

CIRCUIT 1: Cardio

Set up: Squat Stand / medium-high level

1. Jack Squats

2. Pendulum Hops

3. Swivel Hops

4. Bridge Lifts (no jumping)

CIRCUIT 2: Strength

Set up: Cables / low-medium level

5. Torso Chops R/L

6. Kneeling Rows

7. Seated Flies

8. Front-Side Raises


Do: Perform Circuit 1 and Circuit 2 as one big circuit, one last round (3rd set) in the same manor; 20 reps per exercise.

The accompanying video demonstrates how to perform this Post-Burn Circuit on your Total Gym. Enjoy!

The post-Thanksgiving bloat is a common occurrence, and it’s okay to enjoy the holiday feast. The key is to bounce back on track without missing a beat! These tips and Post-Burn Total Gym workout will help you stay focused, feeling revitalized, and ready for the big holiday season ahead!


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