Ease Sciatica Pain in Minutes With 8 Stretches From an Expert Trainer

Tingling down the back of your leg? Butt falling asleep when you sit too long? Shooting pain in your hip?

Sciatica pain is uncomfortable, but the right stretches can make all the difference.

Here, we’ll demonstrate the best stretches to help relieve sciatica pain. Each stretch takes 60 seconds, so relief is only minutes away! (It’s best to do these daily.)

1. Runner’s Lunge

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The runner’s lunge provides a deep stretch for the hips, hip flexors, groin, and legs. Many people make the mistake of trying to use their leg muscles to hold their hips up. It is important to let go and release your hips to experience a deep stretch.

Begin in a plank position with hands directly below shoulders flat on the floor.

Step your right foot forward to the outer edge of your mat next to your right pinky finger.

Lower your forearms inside your right foot and relax through your hips and lower back.

Breathe and hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.

2. Sleeping Pigeon

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The sleeping pigeon takes a basic hip-stretching pose and, by lowering the chest down to rest over the top of the stretching leg, adds a deeper sensation to the stretch.

Begin in a plank position. Tighten your abdominals and pull your right knee toward your right hand, placing your right foot as close to your left hand as possible.

Keep your back leg long and your hips even as you relax your weight through the middle of your hips.

Slowly begin to lower your chest over your front shin, relaxing your forehead flat on the mat and arms stretched overhead.

Breathe and hold for 30 seconds. Slowly lift your chest up, step back into a plank, and switch sides.

3. Revolved Extended Side Angle (Crescent Twist) 

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The revolved extended side angle is a standing pose that stretches the entire back, hips, and ankles and strengthens the legs.

From a standing position, step your left foot to the back of the mat and lower the inside of the foot down.

Reach both arms straight overhead and bend the right knee to 90 degrees.

Relax your shoulder as you continue reaching up and lengthen the back leg.

Draw your hands to a prayer position in front of your chest.

Keep hands in prayer as you twist your left elbow over your right knee, pressing the elbow against the side of your leg and relaxing your neck as you gaze up.

Hold 30 seconds and switch sides.

4. Pyramid Pose

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The pyramid pose is a deep hamstring and lower-back stretch, and a simple way to practice balance with both feet still on the ground.

From a standing position, step the inside of your left foot directly behind your right foot about 6-8 inches, as if you are standing on a balance beam. The back foot is angled.

As you inhale, reach both arms high overhead, lengthening your spine.

As you exhale slowly, reach your hands down to the shin or, if you are able, to the floor. You can slightly bend the front knee if needed.

Let your chest rest over your front leg and relax the back of your neck.  Breathe slowly as you stretch your hamstring.

Hold 30 seconds and switch sides.

5. Forward Fold 

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The forward fold is a basic yoga bend pose that stretches the lower back and is an excellent hamstring stretch.

With knees soft, reach your hands toward your feet and hold onto your ankles or calves. (Or place them on the floor if you can reach.)

Relax the back of your neck as you place your nose close to your knees.

Breathe gently in and out through your nose as you deepen the bend and stretch.

6. Lying Spinal Twist

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The lying spinal twist is one of the best stretches for back muscles and glutes.

Lie on your back and stretch your left leg out long. Pull the right knee in towards your chest.

Gently pull your knee over your left leg towards the ground. Keep both shoulders on the mat while you do this.

Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.

7. Seated Spinal Twist 

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Seated spinal twists can help you stretch your piriformis, the muscle that sits deep into the hips just behind your hip bones.

Sit on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you.

Cross your right foot over your left leg as near to the hip as you can.

Wrap your left arm around your right knee and pull it toward your body. Slightly twist to the right.

Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides.

8. Figure Four

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The seated figure four stretch is a great hip opener, and it will also help relieve that dull, low-back ache that can come from sitting too much.

Keep your spine straight as you place one ankle on the opposite leg.

Lean forward toward your calf while keeping a straight back.

Switch legs.

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