Rudy’s – Pizza – Nottingham

After the recent roundup it was only a matter of time before I compared Rudy’s to the competition. I was pretty quick out of the blocks (by my recent standards) as they opened last week, right at the end of November. They have pitched up in a former retail unit just toward market square from Delilah and Cosy Club. It’s an impressive space, high ceilings and marble frame a food prep area in the centre of the single large room. It felt…empty, maybe even unfinished. Despite it being new I think that is just the aesthetic they are going for but I’d prefer a more intimate setting for this type of food.

The menu is small and well formed with a dozen pizza options alongside a couple of specials that will rotate regularly. However I noted their selection for sides/starters were a little uninspired compared to the competition. Not even a bruschetta, let alone the artichoke fritti of Pizza Pligrims. I wasn’t upset for too long as they had my beloved capricciosa which I ordered post-haste.

Capricciosa pizza at Rudy’s

When it arrived my immediate thought was, at £11.90, it’s blowing others out of the water on size and value for money. Quantity doesn’t mean everything but pleasingly the quality was also apparent. Particularly in the base and cooking of the pizza, nicely bubbled but still spongey crust. Personally I would have a different ratio of toppings to let the tomato and cheese feature more heavily but if you’re only complaint is that you’re getting too much then you’re doing pretty well!

Well Nottingham, you’ve got tough decisions to make when you consider your next slice. For me its a toss up (pun intended) between Rudy’s and Pizzamissu which are the styles that suit me most. Rudy’s has value, Pizzamissu has charm and atmosphere. Either way these really at the halcyon days for fired dough in our fair city

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