Heartfelt Holiday Fitness: A Harmonic Total Gym Recovery Workout

PART 4 of 4: HARMONY | Recovery Flow

Maria Sollon, MS, CSCS, PES

Welcome to the grand finale of the Heartfelt Holiday Series where harmony is the ultimate crescendo! In the previous blogs, each workout presented a heartfelt emotion to move with your spirit. From love-infused strength to the joyful beats of cardio, the serenity of Pilates, and the recovering symphony, has harmonized to create a melody of well-being.

Harmony will be your guide through a Total Gym recovery workout. The exercises will help your muscles move at a soothing cadence to bring your festive fitness journey to a harmonious close.


If you’re just tuning in now, this is the grand finale, part-4 of a holiday series- HARMONY for your soul. Refer to part-1 to connect to the strength of your LOVE, part-2 to ignite your JOY, and part-3 to tap into your inner PEACE.

The workouts in this mindful movement series include:


Part 2: JOY | CARDIO



WORKOUT #4: Harmonic Recovery Workout

This recovery workout blends flexibility techniques that help reset your muscles while infusing love, joy, and peace together in harmony. This gentle recovery session aims to harmonize your energy to create a perfect balance for the festive season.

Intention: Focus on the word HARMONY.

Set Up: Low level


• Determine in your body, what brings your soul HARMONY. Make this your intention for the workout.

• Perform each movement slowly with control in a flowing format.

• Either hold each stretch statically or move dynamically (with slow control) through the stretch for 10-30+ seconds.

• Gently explore your flexibility in each position. Listen to your body and move in pain-free ranges of motion.

• Move with intention by utilize your core and breathe into the stretch (controlled inhale and exhale)


H: Hamstrings + Hips

A: Arms, Shoulders + Chest

R: Runner’s Lunge + Pyramid

M: Move Hips (half frog)

O: Overhead Stretch + Spinal Twist

N: Neck Stretches

Y: Yoga Flow to Seal the Session (cat/ cow, up-dog/ down-dog, plank, childs pose, repeat)

Hamstrings + Hips (H):

• Visualize: Begin by honoring your lower body – the foundation of your strength. Stretch and release tension, creating a harmonious balance between effort and ease.

Arms (A):

• Visualize: Gently guide your arms through different ranges of motion utilizing your glide board. It’s not about pushing limits; it’s about finding the delicate balance where strength meets serenity.

Runners Lunge (R):

• Visualize: Embrace the rhythm of the lunge. Allow the glide board to assist your flexibility into different ranges of motion. Pay attention to your breath to deepen into the stretch and move with grace to promote the symphony of restoration.

Mindful Hip Movement (M):

• Visualize: Take a mindful moment. Pause, breathe, and appreciate the journey. In this stillness, find the serenity that completes the harmony of your workout through hip mobility movements.

Overhead Stretch + Spinal Twist (O):

• Visualize: Open up your heart to the present. Let go of stress and welcome the peace that recovery brings.

Neck Stretches (N):

• Visualize: Nourish your body with gentle neck mobility movements. It’s not just about physical recovery, it’s also a nurturing experience for your soul!

Yoga Flow (Y):

• Visualize: Conclude with a yoga flow – the perfect culmination of strength, joy, peace, and recovery. Let your body and mind unite in a harmonious dance.

Be sure to check out the video to see a demonstration of how these recovery movements are performed on your Total Gym.

As this Heartfelt Holiday Series concludes, let the harmony transcend into your new year. Wishing you a harmonious and healthy holiday season!

In Love, Joy, Peace, and Harmony,


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