I’m a Dietitian. Here’s What’s Always in My Costco Haul.

I talk a lot about my love for Trader Joe’s, but there’s another store close to my heart that deserves some love: Costco. While I run to TJ’s for the latest seasonal item, Costco is a little more “business.” As a food lover, both are equally fun.

My Costco hauls tend to stay pretty static. I have a list of staples I stick to pretty much every trip – A curated list that took some time to perfect because honestly, Costco can be overwhelming. It’s MASSIVE. Everything is massive. If you try something new, you run the risk of not liking it and either A. Wasting it or B. Suffering through eating it.

If you’re new to Costco, looking to change things up a bit, or just addicted to snooping into other people’s grocery hauls like me, hopefully you find some inspiration in my list of Costco staples.

My Top 10 Costco Staples

These items are always on my list. One thing you’ll find lacking is fresh produce. Weird for a dietitian, right? I just tend to buy my produce on my regular weekly grocery trip instead of my monthly Costco run. Don’t judge me! Promise we’re eating our fruits and veggies.

And with that small disclaimer, here’s my list of Costco go-to’s!

1. Pre-Cooked Grilled Chicken

I passed these little packs of pre-cooked chicken up so many times before I finally tried them. I’d pick them up and mull over the date. Will we use all of this in time? Is it worth the price?

I don’t know what took me so long. My newest Costco staple has saved me time and time again during lunchtime chaos and dinners I lack the energy to make.

You get 10 individually sealed packs of chicken, and each pack provides 22 grams of protein. I use it on salad, in quesadillas, stir fry, wraps, and more.


2. Mashed Avocado Cups

I love that these avocado cups are simple but not too simple. They add lime juice and a little salt for flavor that makes them ready to eat. No bland avocado mash here! It’s like a basic but super convenient guacamole.

My kids love these with chips (of course) and veggies. Even my 3 year-old who does not like fresh avocado gobbles these up. I love having these in the fridge to accompany quick microwave nachos (using the chicken we already talked about!) or with veggies.


3. Sous Vide Egg Bites

Starbucks egg bites – IYKYK. These are a little pricey, but LESS pricey than buying from Starbucks every day. Sometimes cooking breakfast, or even meal prep, just isn’t happening. I keep these in the fridge so I have something protein-packed and delicious to grab in those instances.

If the Starbucks bites aren’t for you or you don’t eat meat, there is an egg white and veggie version from a different brand that are pretty good too.


4. Kodiak Cake Mix

I’ve been a Kodiak stan for years now. I love their pancake and waffle mix, their recipes to go with it, and their frozen waffles. I was sad when Costco stopped carrying the frozen waffles, but buying the mix in bulk is still something I do on the reg.

I love using this mix to pre-make pancakes or waffles to freeze. Lately, I’ve been loving sheet pan pancakes! Meal prep does not get easier.

I can also confirm that the recipes on the box are worth trying, too. If you or your kids get burnt out on pancakes, make the muffins! They’re freezer-friendly too.


5. Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup is expensive. We go through quite a bit, using it to bake, sweeten plain Greek yogurt, and on the obvious (pancakes). The Costco price for a 1-liter bottle just stings a bit less than other stores.


6. Siete Tortillas

Get ready to eat the crispiest quesadillas of your life. I love keeping these Siete tortillas in my freezer for a quick meal. They’re super tasty, gluten-free, and an easy 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving.


7. Grass Fed Butter

Once you go Kerrygold, it’s really hard to go back. Unless you discover the Kirkland dupe of this butter that saves you money and tastes just as good.

Grass fed butter is made with milk from cows that eat mostly grass. Not only is the butter richer in color and flavor, but it’s super creamy. It’s a good source of vitamin A and healthy fats.


8. Mexican Street Corn

We love this as a quick and easy side dish on taco night. That’s pretty much it! It’s just really tasty.

9. Rao’s

I could make my own pasta sauce, but I’d honestly rather just buy this. It is a little pricey, but buying at Costco saves a little money compared to other grocery stores in my area.

If you’ve never had Rao’s marinara sauce, it’s made with a simple list of ingredients and no added sugar (kinda rare for jarred pasta sauce!). While this is definitely a plus, the taste is why I splurge a little for this sauce every time.



I have two kids, so snacks are always on my list when I make a Costco run. We tend to rotate through a few faves, and throw in something new every now and then for fun. Here are my usual go-to’s.

Perfect Bars – These go for around $2.69 a piece at my local Target, but come out to be $1.67 when I buy this box at Costco.
Pirate’s Booty – My kids eat this daily.
Applesauce pouches – Another one for the kids (mostly). These are the best for on-the-go or when it’s the end of the week and fresh produce is scarce in our house.
Kind bars – Another favorite. We love the minis!
Mini chocolate chip cookies – IYKYK.
Baby bell cheese


I’m sure I’m missing something here. These are just what we love atm.

Honorable Mentions

A few other things make it into my Costco haul occasionally, but not every time (still love them though!):

Ground beef – 3, 1-pound packs for $19.99. I keep these in my freezer.
Hemp seeds – I put these on everything, like waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, and even salad. It’s cheaper and more convenient to buy in bulk.
Frozen fruit/smoothie mixes
Pre-packaged meals – If you’ve ever walked by the ready-to-eat meal section, you know it’s hard to resist! I love the street taco kit!

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