Cornerstone – Pizza – Nottingham (Sherwood)

It’s an interesting time for Sherwood with Ginza closing and La Capanna changing hands though in truth those are the sort of place I have visited little over the last few years. The new wave of establishments have been pretty successful though with the likes of; Pistachio, Rikki Rakkas, Kraftwerks and Rikshaw reinvigorating the food scene. Cornerstone itself isn’t new and has been going for some time, originally in the unit where The Winchester now is, but now on Mansfield Road itself. It’s one of those spots you could easily walk past with little to no signage and a neutral exterior. This aesthetic carries over to the inside with some hipster, coffee shop pine vibes and seating for 20-odd people that ends up being more comfortable than it looks. One other notable thing is that they don’t have a license so there is opportunity to bring you own drinks. Which, when you have lots of nice wine at home like me, is a pretty appealing proposition.

Chicken Pizza at Cornerstone

Their menu is equally appealing, it’s size mirroring the surroundings by being compact and uncomplicated. 8 pizzas at between £9-14 and 2 sides at £7. At this scale my chicken and roasted red pepper number arrived in good time, I’d gone for a BBQ pizza which is a bit of a guilty pleasure and something you rarely see at a ‘serious’ pizza restaurant. I enjoyed their take it on with a traditional tomato base but a drizzle of deeply flavoured sauce across the top, the best of both worlds. The toppings were generous and all complimentary, I particularly enjoyed the quality and sweetness of the red pepper. The base was a little different to any other of Nottingham’s pizza offering, puffy and bubbled but particularly crispy, not my favourite style but I could appreciate the quality. A side of sweet potato with a soy and ginger glaze and sriracha mayo surpassed my expectations. Meltingly soft and packing a real punch from the Asian flavours.

Cornerstone might never be my number one pizza in Nottingham, their style is just not aligned to my absolute favourite Neapolitan love. Despite that I couldn’t recommend them highly enough and if I was more local to Sherwood it would be an excellent neighbourhood venue I’d visit often.

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