Looking for fun ways to use your Paper SCRAPS?!?

Hi crafters, I know many of watch my YouTube videos when you get a notification, but I’m also aware that many of you watch my content via my blog, and seeing as I haven’t been regularly blogging for a while and missed out on sharing many of my past videos, I thought I would share all my scraps videos to date below!

These videos have become very popular and I’ve received many lovely comments and messages for doing them.

If you’re like me and save every little bit of your paper scraps it’s nice to find fun ways to use them.

The cards I show are very easy to make and some of them only take minutes to do, so great if you need a card in a hurry!

There are 28 videos in this playlist which are all listed on the right-hand side once you’ve clicked on the video below.


I plan to do more of these, as I know many of you miss me sharing these on a Sunday morning, but for now, hopefully re-visiting some of the older videos will keep you busy!

Be back soon,



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