Putting myself in your hiking boots to design these overalls

“Tell me you don’t do real hiking without telling me you don’t do real hiking.” – a commenter on my hiking skort post.

Ok first of all, LA HIKES ARE REAL HIKES TOO OKAY!? But also, y’all came through with some valid points about ticks and poison ivy and I was like – let’s serve the granola girlies who are venturing through the treacherous terrain! Our worlds may look totally different, but that’s not gonna stop me from putting myself in your hiking boots and trying to solve for your problems.

Meet the Take a Hike Overalls!

I’m so excited to share with you my new Take a Hike Overalls that I just released on POPFLEX!


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These are my dream outdoor overalls

With these hiking overalls, you’ve got the functionality of the scratch-resistant, water-resistant fabric, along with pockets galore. But then you’ve also got the body contouring princess seams, the snatched waist moment, and the elegant curved straps.

It’s function and fashion all in one. It’s peak granola couture.

My hiking overalls come in XXS – 3X in 3 lengths: Regular, Tall, and Extra Tall. I’m 5’5” wearing S in Regular.

I’m so happy to be expanding my hiking range! BTW – the hiking skort was NEVER a mistake (though it seemed like that to some people). I love it so much. It sold out wildly fast several months ago and just restocked, so go grab it if you enjoy bare leg hikes like me!


Keep sending your feedback!

I’m glad you guys are vocal about your needs because it opens my mind to solving different problems I’m not presented with in my daily life. But please remember to not invalidate anyone’s experiences because they’re not similar to yours.


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