WoWo – Chinese fast food – Nottingham

This new addition to the city centre claims to “Explore the authenticity and excitement of a true Chinese Takeaway”. Their polished website, that feels like it’s been written by AI, claims they have been “taming the wok since 1968”. I wander past one evening and decide I should give it a go. They have had a pretty swish fit out with some stylish chairs, which combine with the exposed brick and paintings of Asian streets to all seem disconnected. It’s quite a wide menu, not just boxes of noodles but Bao, loaded fries and more. I’m wanting to be a bit healthy and to test their claims of authenticity so I go for ‘spicy Szechuan Tofu’ for £7.50.

Seating at WoWo Nottingham

I knew I had ordered a main dish without rice, but still felt like you didn’t get a lot for your money. There was no rebound from the initial disappointment, the food closer to sweet and sour with a few added chilli flakes than true Szechuan style. The sauce was sweet and cloying, the other redeeming feature the tofu which was well cooked and still had a good texture despite being covered in the woeful sauce.

Spicy Szechuan Tofu from WoWo

My favourite of these types of places, particularly for value, is undoubtedly Hot Wok who are soon to return from hiatus. No seating there but noodle boxes at with great flavour and full to the brim so look past their cheap signs of box meals and give them a go instead. If you want something a little more upmarket Kokoro is probably the pick. If you want to Szechuan food then Shangahi Shangahi has still got it after another good visit earlier this month.

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