How to Make a Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box

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Today I am sharing a Mintay Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box. I love creating Explosion Boxes. These boxes make the perfect gift at Christmas time. In the Video Tutorial I show you exactly how to create this Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box.

I created this Triple Layer Explosion Box using the Mintay “Merry Little Christmas” Collection. This Project would be great for Christmas gifts and cards. The video below takes you through all the elements of the Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Collection.

How to a Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box ~ Products Used

To make this Layout I used the 12×12 Merry Little Christmas Scrapbooking Paper Set.

I also used the 12″x12″ Cardboard Sticker Sheet – Merry Little Christmas.

Lastly, I used the Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Paper Die-Cuts.

How to Make a Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box

This is the “How to Make a Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box” Video Tutorial. The Tutorial will take you through all the steps to create this project.

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The post How to Make a Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box first appeared on .

The post How to Make a Mintay Papers Merry Little Christmas Explosion Box appeared first on .

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