What Is Dynamine

Chances are, you’ve seen the patented ingredient Dynamine in your pre or intra workout supplement. Dynamine is a rapid-onset alkaloid typically used in concomitantly with caffeine and TeaCrine that helps with cognitive performance. We’re going to discuss the details about what dynamine is, how it works, and the potential performance benefits.

What Is Dynamine

Dynamine is a purine alkaloid, or a nature-identical chemically equivalent bioactive version of methylliberine, created by Compound Solutions. 

Methylliberine is an isolate of coffee beans, tea, cola nuts, guarana, cocoa, and yerba mate. It is structurally related to Liberine, caffeine and theacrine. Dynamine is not a stimulant yet has similar effects on cognitive performance and energy levels, without an increase in blood pressure and jitteriness.

How Does Dynamine Work, What Does Dynamine Do

Dynamine has neuro-energetic effects. Like caffeine, methylliberine is also found in coffee beans. Caffeine is produced in young leaves of plants and gradually replaced with threacine and methylliberine. Both threacine and methylliberine produce similar effects to caffeine with less side effects, due to the different affinities for the adenosine receptor [R]. Dynamine is thought to be an adenosine receptor antagonist, promoting energy and mental alertness.

Pharmacological studies have shown that Dynamine has a short half-life of only 1.5 hours compared to the 5-7 hours of caffeine. However, interaction and stability studies show that when Dynamine is combined with caffeine, the half-life of caffeine increases 2-fold [R] This is likely due to inhibition of the CYP1A2 enzyme.

In fact, a study published in the Journal Of International Society of Sports Nutrition evaluated the effects of caffeine, teacrine, and dynamine on tactical athletes and found that reaction times and marksmanship with a lower dose of, teacrine, dynamine and caffeine together, had similar efficacy to double the dose of caffeine alone [R].

Dynamine is an adenosine antagonist, thus Dynamine promotes energy by preventing the neurotransmitter adenosine from binding to adenosine receptors in the brain.

Dynamine is also a reuptake inhibitor of another neurotransmitter, dopamine. This increases the levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine, also known as the “happy hormone,” is a chemical (neurotransmitter) involved in many functions such as pleasure sensation, memory, and learning. This can help elevate mood and plays an essential role in cognitive performance.

Benefits Of Dynamine

Improves Concentration

A recent study published in the Journal Nutrients assessed the acute effects of oral methylliberine (DynamineTM) supplementation on cognitive function and indices of well-being. 25 study participants were administered either 100mg of Dynamine or placebo for 3 days. Study results showed the Dynamine, improved concentration, motivation, and mood one hour after ingestion, for a period of three hours [R].

A randomized cross-over study evaluating the effects of Dynamine, Teacrine, and Caffeine  (CDT) in egamers, found that CDT improved cognitive performance without increasing self-reported anxiety or headaches [R].

Increases Energy

Pharmacological studies have determined that Dynamine has a similar function and molecular structure as caffeine. Studies have shown that Dynamine produces parallel effects on energy without the risks of elevated blood pressure and jitteriness [R].

Caffeine alone can produce anxiety and jitteriness. Pure extracts of caffeine derived from green coffee bean has a strong stimulatory effect, as compared to a cup of coffee. When you drink coffee, you’re getting a combination of caffeine, theacrine, and methylliberine, thus it does not have the same exact effect or feeling, that caffeine produces alone, often found in high stimulant pre workout supplements. 

Dynamine promotes greater energy levels with no habituation, adaptation, jitters, or irritability often found with caffeine. 

Enhances Athletic Performance

Concentration, alertness, and mood are vastly important for athletic performance. Dynamine can improve performance by inhibiting and reducing mental fatigue, while promoting energy and focus. 

Although the studies are limited, dynamine has been found to be beneficial in tactical athletes as well as egamers, enhancing cognitive function and concentration. In addition to performance power output and endurance, mental focus is important during high intensity functional training or within sports that produce mental fatigue and exhaustion, requiring high levels of concentration such as mixed martial arts.

Dynamine Side Effects

Safety and tolerability studies have shown that dynamine does not negatively impact health and is generally safe and efficacious [R] at a clinical dose between 100 and 150mg.

Dynamine: Takeaway

Research has shown Dynamine be an effective ingredient, for improved focus, increased energy, and elevated mood state. Pharmacokinetic studies have provided evidence, that caffeine, teacrine, and dynamine taken concomitantly, improve energy and focus, without negative side effects associated with caffeine alone. Dynamine does not produce habituating effects like caffeine and taken alone can also provide improved cognition, focus, and energy without feeling of anxiety. Those engaged in training modalities requiring high levels of concentration, may benefit greatly by supplementing with dynamine.

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