You asked for lavender! Here’s how it turned out 💜

Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but for me, what color I choose to wear and what piece of clothing I choose to wear really affects how I feel. Color psychology is a real thing and you should use it to your advantage. Here’s a lil info on colors and consumer purchases:

WHITE can make you feel fresh and clean bc it evokes a sense of youth and modernity.

BLACK gives off a sense of power, luxury, mystery and sexiness, and that’s why you see it in lots of high-end cars.

RED shows boldness and confidence. When you wear it, it will grab attention.

🩵 BLUE evokes a sense of stability and safety, making one seem dependable and trustworthy when they wear it.

YELLOW apparently shows people you’re a happy person and apparently are more willing to take risks compared to the average person.

PINK can be linked to innocence, sweetness, hope and optimism. It evokes a feeling of femininity and kindness.

PURPLE can inspire creativity and spark new ideas. It’s also historically a color reserved for the royals so it can be linked back to power.

🪻 LAVENDER can encourage calmness and tranquility of the mind as it’s associated with healing, relaxation, cleanliness, and purity.



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Thank you for suggesting the color of my latest POPFLEX Digital Lavender color drop! I love when you guys get super excited about something because your enthusiasm pushes me to want to do it even more!



I now identify as Ube.

PS…here is what I am wearing in order – I am 5’5”!

1. Pirouette skort (S) with Flexy Crop (S)
2. Cloud Hoodie (S/M)
3. Ruffle bra (XS) with Twirl Skort (S)
4. Corset bra (XS) with Pirouette skort (S)
5. Celeste Mesh Cami (S) with Twirl skort (S)
6. Go with the Bow High Pony Hat (S/M)

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